What do the Android status bar symbols mean? A complete guide

The topmost bar on your smartphone screen is intended to give you an overview of the working status of important functions on your phone. Hence the term “status bar”. The right side of the status bar is assigned to permanent icons that display essential phone functions, while the left side is usually assigned to app notifications. In this article, we tell you what android meaning of status bar symbols and where you can find them.

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Battery icon

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Permanently attached to the right end of the status bar, the battery icon represents the remaining charge on your phone. The battery icon is solid when your phone is 100% charged. As the battery level drops, this will also be indicated in the battery icon. You can also choose to display the battery percentage with the icon.

When your phone is charging, the battery icon shows a charging sign inside. When the battery level drops below 15%, the icon turns red and displays the “Power saving mode” sign.

Network, Wi-Fi and Data

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Network, Wi-Fi and Data

To the left of the battery icon, you will find the cellular network, mobile data, and Wi-Fi signs. Similar to the battery icon, the network icons reflect the strength of the network connection. The cellular network is typically represented by four vertical bars of increasing height. The number of bars displayed in white represents the strength of the network connection.

Next to the network bars you will notice a sign that says VoLTE. This means you can make voice calls over the LTE network. Vertical arrows in opposite directions represent the mobile data connection and only appear when you enable mobile data on your device. You can also choose to display the connection speed right next to this icon.

Other network icons you will find displayed in the status bar include WiFi, WiFi hotspot, and Bluetooth. These icons only appear when these functions are in use.

Call, alarm and volume

Call, alarm and volume

These alerts are easy to recognize. You may have noticed the phone icon that appears when you’re on a call. There is a similar phone icon with an arrow pointing away from it, signifying a missed call. If you ever try to call WiFi, you will see a WiFi sign with the phone icon embedded in it.

Apart from call signs, the status bar also has unique symbols for adjusting the volume on your phone. If your phone is in silent mode, the status bar will show a muted speaker. If it is in vibrate mode, the speaker will be accompanied by the vibration waves icon. A clock icon means you have set one or more active alarms on your phone.

Other icons

Other icons.  what do the status bar symbols mean

Besides all the main icons mentioned above, there are a range of other symbols that show up in the status bar from time to time. Some icons only appear when you use the corresponding feature on the phone. This includes a pin icon for location services, an airplane icon for airplane mode, a wrench icon for VPN status, and a rectangular box for screen casting. In addition to this, the status bar also displays icons for app notifications. You may have noticed the WhatsApp The icon appears in the status bar each time you receive a new message. Other apps are also allowed to use the status bar to show notifications. You can read full notifications by swiping down from the status bar.

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These are the most common symbols displayed in the status bar and their meanings. After going through this guide, you will be able to easily spot these icons and understand what they mean. You can also prevent unnecessary icons from appearing in the status bar by going to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Hide Notifications > Hide Status Bar Icons.

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