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Did one of your friends send you a hotel emoji with a heart on the front? It is one of the messaging apps that many people use on a daily basis to be able to talk or chat with whoever they want. Once your phone number is saved to the cell phone, you can access features like the ability to send photos, videos, GIFs and even make free calls or video calls without having to pay a dime. or call the roaming from your mobile phone.

In the last few weeks It incorporates new functions such as the ability to activate self-destructing messages or photos which are deleted once opened by your friends, family or groups.

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But not only that, the Facebook-owned app is also gearing up to bring new emojis into its crowded platform. This is the case of a pregnant man, in the process of dissolving, of a spilled glass of water, etc.

Although there are over 500 emoji One draws attention to the other for its meaning. Do you know what a heart hotel is? If someone sends you this code, it’s time to find out what it is and when to use it so that you can be careful.

What does the hotel emoji with a heart mean on WhatsApp?

use There is a section of hotels and houses of different types. You can find an abandoned house and even post offices, but the house that catches our eye is the hotel with the heart on its facade. Do you know what this is?

In order to be sure of what you really mean in WhatsApp, you have to turn to a famous website that is responsible for explaining all the emojis in the world: .

Did someone send you a hotel emoji with a heart? I know what that means. (Photo: mag)

According to the page in question, the hotel with a heart on the facade means that it is a hotel that is rented by the hour rather than by the night, especially for couples.

i love the hotel, as it is called in English, is approved under In 2010 and more than in 2015.

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