Yakusha Design creates earthy interiors for Faina Gallery in Antwerp

A color palette informed by earth and moss characterizes the interior of this showroom in Antwerp, Belgium, which Yakusha Design developed for its own line of Faina furniture.

The retail space, named Faina Gallery, is located inside a 500-year-old building.

As a result, the studio avoided making major structural changes to avoid disrupting its historic setting.

The Faina showroom is located in a 500 year old building

Instead, the Ukrainian studio devised a new color palette, painting the store’s walls in earthy tones that evoke the natural world.

“I wanted to convey this feeling of serenity rooted in the interior,” explained Victoria Yakusha, who founded both Yakusha Design and Faina.

“Nothing is more powerful than the energy of the earth. When I stand on the bare earth, I become one with nature, I gain strength.”

Two triangular black vases in front of a green wall in the showroom by Yakusha Design
The walls of the first room are covered with green paint

Upon entering the Faina Gallery, visitors enter a room almost completely washed with deep mossy green paint.

The only surfaces unaffected by the color are the gray terrazzo floors and the ceiling, which has been left in its original state.

Stainless steel shelf housing ceramics in a green painted room in the Faina gallery in Antwerp
A stainless steel cabinet shows Faina’s ceramic ornaments

Matching green furniture is on display throughout the space, including Faina’s angular Toptun armchairs and three of her hand-carved Soniah floor lamps.

There is also a beige edition of the Plyn sofa, with its slightly curved cushions stacked on top of each other “like stones naturally polished by wild waters”.

Black painted room with black sofa and armchair by Faina in the Antwerp showroom by Yakusha Design
Black paint covers the second room of the showroom

A bespoke stainless steel shelf runs along one of the walls.

Designed to look like a cabinet of curiosities, it features an array of Faina ceramic ornaments alongside a number of home fragrances.

The storage unit is interrupted by a steel-lined door that leads to the second room of Faina Gallery.

This space was painted jet black as a nod to chernozem, a highly fertile black soil found in abundance throughout Ukraine.

Table and black chairs under a wicker suspension in the Faina gallery in Antwerp
The Faina furniture presented here includes the Ztista table and the Domna chair

The furniture presented here is also dark. One corner of the room is dominated by a black version of Faina’s perforated Ztista table, while a charcoal gray model of the brand’s bulbous Domna chair sits nearby.

There is also a black wall tapestry adorned with the word “earth”, written in the writing system based on the symbols of the ancient Cucuteni-Trypillia civilization, which lived in Ukraine in the fifth millennium BC.

Low black cabinet and black wall hanging in a black painted room at the Faina gallery in Antwerp
A circular black wall hanging is adorned with Cucuteni-Trypillian symbology

Victoria Yakusha created her eponymous studio in 2006 before launching Faina in 2014.

His firm has already designed a number of interiors in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, including Yakusha Design’s own office and a quiet, tactile fast food restaurant.

The photograph is by Piet-Albert Goethals.

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